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Spark To Fund Nova Scotians With Best Business Ideas

The September 8th deadline is fast-approaching for Nova Scotians applying to win up to $50,000 for innovative business ideas in the province’s heartlands – rural, coastal and academic communities in Cape Breton, Northern Nova Scotia and Southwestern Nova Scotia.

Spark Nova Scotia provides startup funding of up to $50,000 for winners, as well as training for all applicants – to help develop innovative ideas into viable businesses. Last year, 37 applicants resulted in nineteen finalists who advanced to pitch training and competitions in Sydney, Truro and Bridgewater. Independent judges from among sponsors, government and local businesses selected nine winners.

“We are so pleased with the quality and potential of startups coming through Spark,” said Erinn Smith, Executive Director of the Nova Scotia Association of Community Business Development Corporations (“CBDCs”). “Last year’s winners were impressive, and this year we’re hoping to see even more.”

While the Spark 2020 training will be delivered virtually to ensure safe distancing, applicants will receive even more content this year. In addition to the three main modules – “Identifying and Managing the Risks”; “Introduction to the Business Model Canvas”; and, “Finance: What Young Companies Need to Know” – Spark applicants have access to a customized bootcamp delivered by CEED’s Workshops/Bootcamps

“It’s a great program,” said Ms. Smith. “If you have an innovative business idea, just apply.”

Spark Nova Scotia is an initiative of the Community Business Development Corporations of Nova Scotia.